Cornavin Shipping Ltd was incorporated and commenced trading in May 1982 to act as the exclusive London representative for an Istanbul-based shipowner, trading the international markets with Handysize and Capes. Since that time we have been involved in and developed many interesting trades and projects both as advisors and as participants.

Since its inception the company has developed particular expertise in various markets and with specific commodities such as aluminium products, bulk alumina, grains, cocoa, logs, steels, project and pipes cargoes. We are well known on the international world wide freight market for heavy liftprojects/yachts, the tonnage we represent and our trading clients.



Fully involved in both the ownership and management of the “Cornships” fleet, we acted as the commercial managers / exclusive brokers for the ships which consisted of upto 9 box hold hinged tween minibulkers all purchased from Spliethoff B.V., Amsterdam. The last of these ships were sold in 2010.



Full management of 2 x 7,500dwt bulkers (Navin Kestrel, Navin Raven) on behalf Owners until vessels sold.

2011/to date


Commercial management of 19,000dwt heavy lift/project tween decker built in 2010 on behalf of Owners.